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Secret Frank

Secret Generic Holiday Gifts 2003
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quackkwak had an idea in a chat to have a Secret Santa on LJ (renamed Secret Frank for obvious reasons), and we've been working on it since. It's the same thing as Secret Santa, except all gifts will either be mailed or sent online.

Basically, this is what it is:
From November 1 - January 1
Each gift can be no more than $5
Must accompany a letter (not revealing sender)
Must fit in manila envelope (no larger than 11x8.5)
At least 4 gifts must be sent and received
None of the four gifts can be received at the same time
All gifts must be parent-friendly
Can be handmade, bought, or made/written online

If mailed, must be mailed to quackkwak with EXTRA POSTAGE, and if larger than regular (4 1/8 x 9 1/2) envelope, extra envelope.

So, no one but quackkwak will know your address, and you won't know anyone's but hers. ^^ If you want to join, send your name, address, livejournal name, and email address to quackkwak or lor22ms

Community is maintained by lor22ms and quackkwak. Please contact them if you have any questions.